Success Stories

Jenn was the first person who inspired me to take my nutrition more seriously. After eating ‘feel-good’ foods my entire life, I started to feel pretty awful – I was tired, moody, and my stomach hurt all the time. I took Jenn’s nutrition seminar as a step to figuring out how I wanted my weight loss journey to go. Although Jenn’s series is not strictly about shedding pounds, I took it because I wanted a whole lifestyle approach, rather than a fad diet I would never commit to.

Attending Jenn’s series flipped a switch in me, and had my really considering how I should be taking care of my body. She is supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about the work she does and I never once felt judged. After the lecture series, I ended a dependency on soda, bought a tub of nutritional yeast and never looked back.

If you want a new approach to living your best nutritional life in a warm, comfortable environment, Jenn’s your girl!


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